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Abeytu' Naturals CV Well Immunity Booster

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Revolutionary patent-pending formulation! Immune Supportive Cellular Micronutrients and Isolate work with the ECS system in the body to help deliver total body wellness.

We know wellness starts at the cellular level. This revolutionary immune-supportive blend will leave you feeling energetically calm and protected knowing your immune system can respond effectively and efficiently.

Oxidative stress induces rapid mutation rates of RNA viruses, so we focus on helping your cells address oxidative stressors. This formulation is currently used by customers, including medical professionals for prevention and rescue. Abeytu´ Naturals CV Well utilizes the Isolate with the goal of accessing immune and other cells to deliver micronutrients. We believe a functional immune response brings total body wellness.

Sublingual and Topical

Minimum 5 drops per day, can be used up to 3 full pipettes 3x per day