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Organic White Miso - Unpasteurised Living Miso (500g)

Organic Certified Gluten Free Suitable for Vegans Packed in Glass Safe for Children


Full Description ✧

White Miso is considered short-term miso, which contains more of the rice koji (inoculated with aspergillus spores) than soybeans in their ingredient mix because they are designed to ferment quickly, as the aspergillus moves quickly through the abundant starches in the rice, transforming them into simple sugars. These misos also have much less salt in their ingredient mix than the long-term misos, which allows the fermentation process to happen faster.

Because of its increased availability of starches, decreased protein and fat content, and lower salt proportion, our White Miso has a much sweeter, milder taste than our long-fermented misos. This distinctive, delicious salty-sweet taste is perfect for light summery miso soups and sauces. This short term miso delivers a unique flavour profile that tastes fantastic on its own as a hot drink that enhances Japanese dishes, and many other styles of cuisine as well.

Short-term aged misos also have their own distinctive health benefits. The shorter ageing time means the abundant food supply of starches are not exhausted by the time the miso is packed and refrigerated. This means there is still abundant food for the lactobacillus bacteria at the end of the cycle, so the bacteria are both much more numerous and more active than in long-term miso.

Our white miso, therefore, gives a much more powerful dose of these vital probiotic bacteria essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system, in many ways acting like non-dairy yoghurt.

These miso varieties also still have far more of the health-promoting agents isoflavone aglycones than unfermented soy products like soymilk, tofu, texturized soy protein, or most popular powdered soy supplements, even though they have far less than our Long-Term Aged Misos.

Rich in the beneficial enzymes and lactobacillus that is produced during the fermentation process, packed in amber dark glass jars to protect these precious properties from light degradation, we offer genuine misos of the highest quality.

The producers of this miso are true artisans with a deep conviction and the noblest of intentions, beyond the trappings of style and trends, devoted to creating and producing living foods, certified organic, that provide a vast array of exceptional functional properties. Ingredients are selected with the utmost care, using only the highest quality organic products, certified non-GM.

Packaged in amber glass jars in our organically certified premises. Na'vi is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality healing foods & tonic herbs from the most pristine areas of our planet.


Ingredients ✧

Organic Rice, Organic Soybeans, Sea Salt, Aspergillus Oryzae, Natural Spring Water
No added fillers or preservatives
Produced in USA
Made with carefully sourced, certified organic, non-GM ingredients
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Directions ✧

Use as any traditional miso, add to dishes for full flavours, or even add to hot (not boiling) water for a quick and nourishing 'living' miso soup


Our miso should be refrigerated as soon as you receive it to ensure the living miso culture remains dormant. The miso is fine to be unrefrigerated for the transit time however if the miso is left in the warmth of a kitchen, the living culture in the miso becomes active again producing gases and will continue the fermentation process of the miso - which will begin to change the taste and possibly over ferment.

We recommend keeping it refrigerated at all times once you receive your jar, as the miso has been aged to the perfect point in the production process.