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Premium Organic Moringa Seeds

We're always on the look out for natural ways to sustain our energy levels and keep us healthy in this toxic modern world, and we were recently introduced to Moringa, which is known in Africa as one the greatest gifts which Nature bestowed on man - they regard this tree as a “Cure-all Tree”.

While many parts of Moringa Oleifera trees are deemed useful, the seeds are especially prized for their medicinal powers. The seeds have valuable properties that enable them to treat a wide array of illnesses and conditions. The National Charity for Organic Growing has studied the efficacy of Moringa Oleifera seeds as a medial treatment and found that they provide legitimate relief for many medical problems. These include rheumatism, gout, sexually transmitted diseases, urinary infections, boils, and even epilepsy. When used as medicine, the seeds are pounded and mixed with coconut oil. Often, seed oil derived from the Moringa Oleifera seeds will be used in place of the mashed seeds

Moringa seeds in traditional medicine

The seeds of the moringa plant have been used in Ayurveda medical practice for centuries to treat a variety of ailments and to improve overall health in patients. The antibiotic properties of moringa seeds make them valuable in poultices and topical treatments for bacterial infections and other conditions of the skin. Taken internally, moringa seeds have traditionally been used to reduce the frequency of epileptic fits and to treat arthritis and rheumatoid disorders. Moringa seeds are also recommended by traditional practitioners to treat a variety of sexual dysfunctions and to improve sex drive in both men and women.

Modern medical uses

The antibiotic properties of moringa seeds have been proven in laboratory testing. Moringa seeds can be used to treat fungal infections as well due to the presence of pterygospermin, a naturally occurring antibiotic present throughout the moringa plant. Additionally, the high protein and iron content of these seeds make them a valuable resource in combating malnutrition and anemia in developing regions of the world.

Nutritional value

Moringa Oleifera seeds, are eaten like green peas. The peas are harvested until they harden and strained or boiled to remove the bitter coating. The seeds offer concentrated nutrients including amino acids, proteins and a wide range of vitamins and minerals, making them an outstanding supplement for stressed and hurried individuals and a solid source of nutrition for undernourished populations around the world. The nuts can be served fresh or dried and often are pressed to remove the oil they contain, which is useful for cooking and can be added to other dishes to boost their nutrient content as well.

Water purification

Moringa Oleifera seed powder is particularly effective in purifying water. This is important in many societies, where the only drinking water available may come from a dirty river or lake. The Moringa Oleifera seed powder removes dirt by joining with the particles and sinking to the bottom. It also is extremely effective in removing harmful bacteria from bodies of water. Moringa Oleifera seed powder is much more economical, and arguably, safer than aluminum sulfate and other chemicals traditionally used in water purification. When crushed and added to turbid water, moringa seeds can serve to purify it for drinking and other uses. This cleansing property is the result of the coagulating nature of the moringa seed, which can speed water clarification and allow water to settle and become safe to drink much more quickly. The use of moringa seeds in water purification is expected to provide healthier, safer drinking water for many areas of the world in which technologically advanced methods are not available.


Ground and defatted moringa seeds can be used to supplement animal feed or as fertilizer for crops and enrichment of soil, allowing farmers and ranchers to enjoy increased production and improved results from their agricultural endeavors.

A source for biofuel

Because moringa seeds are rich in natural oils, they have been considered as a potential source for biofuel materials. Newer extraction techniques may make this even more profitable and prevalent as fossil fuels supplies continue to shrink.


The Moringa Oleifera tree provides some of the most useful and valuable seeds on earth. The Moringa Oleifera seeds create powerful and natural medicines used to heal a variety of ailments. In addition, Moringa Oleifera is used to purify water, feed animals and clean cooking. The extracts can produce powerful fertilizers and pesticides that keep other plants healthy.

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