Peruvian Agua de Florida - Shamanic Flower Spirit Water 270ml

Product Description

A cologne made in Peru, and widely used by shaman all over South America for purification, cleansing, healing and flowering.

Florida Water is a commercially prepared toilette water that blends an array of floral essential oils in a water-alcohol base. It has become popular worldwide, not only because of its delightful fragrance but also because of the more than twenty uses attributed to it. It is believed to have cleansing and protective properties and to attract healing spirits. Florida Water is used by shamans in many different rituals and ceremonies.


Shamanic uses include:

Florida Water is offered as a gift to call the spirits, for cleansing of negative or malevolent influences in people or spaces.

Applied during healing rituals and is part of a recipe for healing baths.

The fragrance of the water is inhaled deeply to induce grounding, connection and healing.

It is often used for ritual offering and purification.

It is used in spells to remove unwanted thought forms and heavy vibrations, to encourage the display of emotions, to suppress those who talk too much, and to calm places where an excess of energy is present.

Many use it like holy water for cleansings, good luck and protection.

Florida Water is a staple for many of the religious ceremonies of Afro/Latino religious expressions or sects.

Basically, it is cologne, used for spiritual services, purification, cleansing, healing, jinxbreaking, protection from enemies, tranquility, peaceful home, dealing with the dead, safe travel, and psychism.

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