Peruvian Kananga Water Cologne - Shamanic Flower Spirit Water 221ml

Product Description

Kananga water is used by some Peruvian shamanic practitioners for cleansing, healing, ritual feeding and flowering. This spirit water is often used during ceremonies for the removal of heavy energies. It is considred by some to be much stronger than Agua de Florida.

Kananga water is also used for psychic activity, purification, and dealing with the dead. In Jamaica and the Caribbean, Kananga water became known after the huge commercial Kananga plantations were established during the 19th century by the British colony. Kananga Water is built upon a foundation of essential oil of Cananga Odorata, also known as Ylang Ylang.

It’s delicate and floral aroma invokes thoughts of joy and traditionally effects the mood. It is also used to improve business and attract customers in a commercial activity. This water is a good offering to ancestors and a good bath before doing ancestral work.


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