Colonia De Rosas / Rose Cologne - Shamanic Flower Spirit Water 118ml

Product Description

Colonia De Rosas - Rose Cologne is a wonderfully fragrant alcohol-based cologne which is used in various traditions for annointing or offering blessings to people and spaces. Sprinkled around a room, it freshens the the space and adds the light, extremely pleasant scent of fresh roses. Inspires peace and love.

Used to bring love and affection. Rose Water is well known for its cleansing and purifying properties. It has been used as a face or hand wash and in the bath to add the scent of roses. Colonia de Rosa is the water most used to elevate the spirit, bring harmony and create an aura of attraction and understanding. Used to harmonize the environment and stimulate love. It is used as an offering, as the rose is one of the most pleasing aromas to certain spirits and entities. Works with all levels of relationship and can be used to invite sweet energies into a home after all energies have been removed by smudging.

Colonia de Rosas can be used on its own or in conjunction with or after clearing the energies with Florida Water. It is a wonderful way to care for the body and spirit all at once.


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