EXTRA Premium Organic Peeled Tiger Nut Flour (Extra Finely Ground)

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This extra special, supreme quality tiger nut flour is made from our organic peeled tiger nuts. Being ground without their hard fibrous skin, means that the crunchy texture often associated with tiger nut flours is no longer present!

Our finely ground organic tiger nut flour has a unique and sweet taste and does not loose any of its nutritious properties in the milling process. It is ideal for a variety of different uses from cake making to breakfast cereals and porridge. The potential for this flour is endless.

Tiger nut flour is highly recommended for diabetics and is a fantastic grain free alternative flour for baking with, being 100% gluten free.

It's also considered a useful flour or additive for the bakery industry , as its natural sugars contents is really high, avoiding the necessity of adding to much extra sugar (the reason why it is such a good option for diabetics. Mixed with other flours (such as maize or rice flour) expands it's potential use even more, also making the four mix exceptionally tasty.


  • 100% Extra Finely Milled Flour from Organic Peeled Tiger Nuts 

No added fillers, flavourings or preservatives


Use as 1:1 ratio replacement for other flours

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