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Raw – Vegan – Nut & Gluten Free – Organic – Paleo – Super Tasty

Our Premium Peeled Tiger Nuts are organically grown and then skinned using a patented method. The delicious tasting nuts can be eaten directly out of the bag, there is no need for soaking. They can also me used creatively in cooking and smoothies. Our premium quality peeled nuts are organically grown and naturally processed, and delivered to us vacuum packed for full freshness and flavour.

About Na'vi Tiger Nuts
Not a nut, but the tuberous root of a wild grass, and only related to tigers through the mild stripes on their outer skins, these golden nuggets are incredibly versatile, tasty and nutritious.

There’s evidence Tiger nuts were the staple food of the ‘nutcracker man’ who existed 1.2 million years ago. Since then, they have been a food source for the Paleo-Indians and are one of the oldest cultivated plants from Ancient Egypt where they were eaten and used medicinally.

They have a sweet, slightly toasted, nutty taste which makes them amazing for sugar-free baking, raw unsweetened ‘nut milk’ and healthy snacking.

Their impressive nutritional profile caught our attention and we weren’t alone. Ayurvedic medicine uses tiger nuts to treat flatulence, diarrhea, dysentery, debility and indigestion. Rich in an abundance of vitamins and minerals, with an almost identical macro-nutrient ratio to human breast milk, they are extremely nourishing and satisfying.

Recommended for diabetics, and a raw source of resistant starch, these little nuggets, whether whole, peeled or milled into our fine flour are as nutritious as they are delicious.


  • 100% Premium Skinned Tiger Nuts 

No added fillers, flavourings or preservatives


Can be eaten straight from the bag and used in baking, granola and other nutritious snack mixes.


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