Wooden Frame of Honeycomb from the Hive

Product Description


Pure, pristine, honey straight from the hives. These very special honeycombs are from the Bulgarian bee families who also give us our incredible, award winning raw honey. It takes considerable skill and attention to detail from the beekeepers to maintain their hives in a natural way to be able produce excess beautiful honeycombs that can be removed without adversly affecting the colonies, so we were delighted to receive these frames!

It's fascinating to learn how the bees create their honeycomb. With precise, geometry, the bees build the comb from the top of each frame, building cells that are slightly angled to prevent the honey dripping out. They work together to maintain the perfect hive temperature to ensure moisture evaporates so they can seal the cells with a thin layer of wax to preserve the integrity of their honey stores.

Only a limited number of our honeycombs are ever available to ensure each colony has enough of their own gathered honey to stay healthy through the winter. The honey is completely unprocessed and the wax is edible. These frames make beautiful presents - either for yourself or honey loving friends and family.

Available in two sizes:

  • Whole Wooden Frame of Honeycomb - Approx weight 1.5kg
  • Mini Wooden Frame of Honeycomb - Approx  weight 200g

Please note that the weights areapproximate as each frame is totally unique



    • Totally natural honeycomb; consists of pure, unfiltered honey., wax, and traces of propolis and pollen (bee bread)
    Contains all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, pollens, anti-oxidants and bee goodness only found in unpasteurised, raw honey.


      The delicate wax used to build and seal the honeycombs is edible. Spreading the honey on warm toast is perfect, allowing the wax to soften. If eating the honey straight from the comb, after chewing and enjoying all the honey, you may wish to discard the wax.

      Store the honeycomb upright and cut into it from one end so the remaining honey stays in the comb until you are ready to enjoy it.

      The honeycombs are internally wire strung, so please use due care when cutting into the comb.

      Please do not feed honey to infants under the age of two.


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