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Skincare 2024

Using the gentlest of ingredients and a touch that adores the body will do wonders for the skin. Whether it's through beautiful rituals or by grabbing a moment of alone time to give your skin a little attention - enjoy, love & celebrate skin

The best things to use on your skin are the herbs, fats & food you're happy to eat. Skincare doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. It can be fun, sensual, nourishing & delicious

Mix Schisandra Berry or Reishi extract with raw honey and lavish onto skin before showering. Or massage scars, parched skin and dark circles under the eyes with a drop of ghee before bed. Congested, dull skin calls for Kamut (wheatgrass) or barley juice powders mixed with clay and rosewater for the ultimate "Recovery" facemask. Experiment and enjoy discovering what your skin needs