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Join us as we explore what it means to be healthy. We started this adventure to get closer to the farmers, growers and producers who cherish the healing power of food. Walking alongside our customers through all the highs and lows of health is what makes Na'vi Organics so special.


Daily Nourishment for An Extraordinary Life

Simple, easy additions to your diet can make an extraordinary difference

It all begins with healthy soil

The quality of our extracts and ingredients originates in the dark rich soil of the organic farms and wild places we source from. They say it takes a whole village to raise a child. To grow good food takes a whole ecosystem. We love that we know whose gentle hands planted the seeds and gathered the harvest.

It is our wish that the soil (soul) of a place is made richer through the gentle regenerative methods of tending land, and that with a shared appreciation for delicious, healthy food we may revitalise ourselves and the land which sustains us.

In search of heirlooms

Treasure Hunting

Our sourcing policies aren't policies at all - they are heart-felt commitments to ourselves and you, to honour the land, water and livelihoods of everyone we work with. Finding real food, grown by salt-of-the-earth types, or 4th generation bee-keepers or wise, wild-harvesters is like discovering priceless jewels.

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Did you know extreme ironing was a thing? Neither did we until recently. We believe superfoods shouldn't stay at home. Maybe in the same way others think ironing is best done at altitude. We'd love to see where our jars of goodness go & where your new-found vitality leads you. Tag your selfies and product pics #ilovenavi and you'll see our favourites on @naviorganics

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