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MasterPeace | Clinoptilolite Nano Zeolite & Marine Plasma Formulation - 30 ml

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This simple and 100% natural formula has been shown to be highly effective at detoxing and removing metals, plastics and forever chemicals from the body. It has been thoroughly examined by licensed Naturopathic Doctors and Live Blood Analysis, along with Master Kinesiologists, showcasing its remarkable effectiveness. It serves as a universal solution for all individuals, as evidenced by numerous testimonials in a short span of time. Regardless of one's background or current life stage, MasterPeace can help with its profound ability to assist the body in removing elements that should not be there.

MasterPeace, combined with Nano Zeolite and Marine Plasma, offers a highly effective solution for the removal of 'forever chemical' toxins. This powerful formula contains negatively charged Clinoptilolite Zeolite Minerals that magnetically attracts and removes these toxic substances from the body while simultaneously replenishing it with a perfect balance of 96 organic minerals found in structured Marine Plasma. This natural nano sized master binder, paired with marine plasma nutrition also at sub-nano size, is a breakthrough in holistic detoxification!

MasterPeace uses Clinoptilolite, a negatively charged natural mineral with a hollow inner-cage structure, to efficiently and effectively bind and remove a wide range of toxins from your body. When ingested, the zeolite's strong negative charge attracts and binds to positively charged poisons, preventing them from sticking to your body. Additionally, incorporating natural and healthy minerals into the zeolite's surface by modifying it with organic minerals further increases its ability to bind to a broader range of poisons, as supported by research from PubMed. With the assistance of Marine Plasma, the zeolite becomes even more capable of binding to a diverse range of tissue poisons, making it the ideal purification and detoxifying agent.

Marine Plasma is a dependable source of essential minerals, fatty acids, and trace elements. Marine plasma mimics the mineral composition and nutritional profile present in blood plasma, making it safe for use in blood transfusions due to its similarity to the body's foundational plasma. This is not ordinary seawater or rehydrated rock salt but a specially processed and nourishing organic mineral-rich plasma that is compatible with living organisms. The nutrients in this formula are primarily in the nanometer to sub-nanometer or picometer size range, greatly enhancing their bioavailability upon consumption.

The MasterPeace formulation is also imbued with subtle aether energy, utilizing the harmony of creation. Aether can be defined as an energy field that envelops, penetrates, and links us with the world. Through water structuring, energetic treatment, and the incorporation of dissolved mineral and zeolite crystals, MasterPeace achieves harmony with this subtle and intelligent aether energy found all around us. These crystals, along with the structured water they are dissolved in, establish a profound, energetic connection with the surrounding creation, even while simply being stored on a shelf. This same connection mirrors the one our remarkable bodies make when functioning at their full potential.