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Prebio Plus - Prebiotic Fibres - Cutting Edge Cultures


Meticulously crafted Prebio Plus harnesses various prebiotics sourced from various origins. This carefully formulated product stems from the recognition that different strains of probiotics thrive when provided with specific prebiotic nourishment.

Incorporating probiotic foods into your routine can produce transformative results if you aim to enhance your well-being. Pairing these probiotics with prebiotics, essentially nourishing your gut bacteria, can trigger an exponential surge in the growth of beneficial bacteria.

The significance of prebiotics is on par with that of probiotics, and the two should be employed in tandem. Prebiotics are inherent in various fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other foods. To simplify their integration, we've curated potent sources of prebiotics and made them accessible in a convenient powder format.

Without the presence of prebiotics, the optimal growth of beneficial bacteria is impeded. Consumption of cultured probiotic foods introduces colonies of bacteria into your gut. Including prebiotics in your diet catalyzes the expansion of these colonies, creating an environment where they flourish and outcompete harmful pathogens. This process contributes to restoring a robust balance of beneficial bacteria thriving in substantial numbers.

Essentially, prebiotics acts as nourishment for the bacterial communities within your colon. This fortifies your immune system, bolstering its ability to fend off infections and viruses. Moreover, it aids in eliminating toxins and a spectrum of other functions your bacterial populace is designed to perform. However, without the infusion of robust strains of beneficial bacteria from cultured foods and the amplifying effect of prebiotics, your gut microbiome cannot transition into its necessary state.

Storage Guidelines: Store Prebio Plus at room temperature in your pantry. It doesn't necessitate refrigeration due to the absence of live cultures. Ensure a proper seal to prevent exposure to moisture, and keep it in a dry environment.

Recommended Usage: Incorporate Prebio Plus into cultured foods like kefir and cultured vegetables to elevate fermentation. Alternatively, you can integrate it daily into smoothies, salad dressings, beverages, or any dish you wish to impart a touch of sweetness to. Feel free to experiment and savour the journey! Commence with 1/2 to 1 scoop and gradually escalate to a maximum of 3 scoops per day.

Why does the powder occasionally appear brown instead of white? Rest assured; the tan hue is entirely normal. It's purely a cosmetic alteration, not impacting the product or its formulation. Sometimes, one of the organic ingredients is sourced from a distinct supplier, leading to tan colouration. You can utilize your tan-shaded Prebio Plus without any deviation from the ordinary.

Is it suitable to introduce Prebio Plus to hot dishes? Absolutely. Prebio Plus blends prebiotic fibres and doesn't encompass live bacteria. As such, it isn't affected by heat. You can incorporate it seamlessly into dishes of any temperature.

Prebio Plus serves as nourishment for your bacterial companions! This remarkable formulation encompasses three distinct strains of prebiotics, rendering it threefold more potent than other prebiotics available today. 

For more information, visit Cutting Edge Cultures product web page here: www.cuttingedgecultures.com/prebio-plus

Ingredients: Custom Prebio Blend (Organic Inulin, Organic Acacia, Fructooligosaccharides).
100% natural extracts. Vegan. Gluten-free. Non-GMO

Storage:  Prebio Plus does not require refrigeration. It doesn't contain any live cultures. Seal properly to avoid exposure to moisture, and store in a dry place.