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The Healy Device

If you've wanted a Healy, now is the time!
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BioResonance Healing Healy Device

Bio-Resonance and Cell Health with the Healy Device

The Healy is a bio-resonance tool that works to support your body's energetic field and promote deep cellular healing.

Reduced cell voltage occurs in almost all cases of acute and chronic dis-ease. Reduced cell voltage causes the cell's internal metabolic processes to malfunction leading to disease. The Healy helps restore equilibrium through the use of resonant frequency waves. It works to stimulate and restore optimum cellular function with the use of very specific, harmonic energetic currents.

The Healy is a small, very complex piece of equipment. Using precise frequencies and low intensity currents, the Healy works to reverse the process of decreasing cell voltage by restoring the natural voltage of the cell membrane. Compromised cells lead us to experience a debilitating range of different symptoms, such as the inability to concentrate, learning difficulties, stress/burnout, physical diseases and illness, slow recovery from injury, cellulite, skin breakouts, mental health challenges and emotional instability.



Choose from 5 Healy Packages + Accessories: 

Healy Editions

Healy versions

  • Healy Gold
  • Healy Holistic 
  • Healy Aura
  • Healy Resonance
  • Healy Professional

Each package builds on the previous one, offering more frequencies and programs. The Healy Professional package is the flagship product, and includes an Analysis function for individuals and practitioners.


The Healy delivers energy frequencies to positively influence the body to function at it's natural, harmonic frequency. We were not designed to be depressed, anxious, highly reactive or suffer from chronic pain and exhausting conditions of disease. These are symptoms of much deeper imbalances and your Healy is a way to take back control of your wellbeing to positively influence all the cells in your body to start functioning just as nature intended.

You can use the device for prolonged periods of time, running continuous programs throughout the day or just occasionally to boost your vitality and well-being as needed. For example, at the end of stressful day at work.

Energetic wellness:
Your Healy offers an effortless way to stay bio-energetically fit and well. It is a small unit - you can take it anywhere you go & it offers enormous potential for individuals and families to stay well in these times of chronic energetic overload and toxicity. The Healy device is recognised as a medical device within the EU for the treatment of chronic pain, migraines, fibromyalgia and skeletal pain.

Easy to use:
After you've received your Healy device, download the Healy app onto your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Synchronize your Healy with your phone so your smartphone or tablet acts as the computer screen for you Healy. From the app, then simply select which Healy program you wish to run. The number of programs you will access to depends on the Healy edition that you purchased (Gold, Holistic Health, HH+ or Resonance).

Once you have selected the program you wish to run, you'll be instructed to apply one of the connecting electrodes to your body (bracelet, ear-clip or adhesive electrodes). These allow the frequency waves to be delivered to your field. Press start and the selected program will run. 

Na'vi Organics has partnered with Healy to bring you this device.
Your purchase of the device will be directly from Healy under a Na'vi Organics sponsership
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Healy Gold:
The Healy Gold kit includes the Healy device, the electrodes, the Gold Cycle of frequencies and a program page of your choice.

Healy Holistic Health:
In addition to everything in the Gold package, when you purchase the Holistic Health set-up, you will have access to 8 additional pages of frequency programs!
✓ Pain / Psyche
✓ Bioenergetic Balance 1
✓ Bioenergetic Balance 2
✓ Mental Balance
✓ Meridians 1
✓ Meridians 2
✓ Sleep
✓ Skin

Healy Holistic Health Plus:
With access to a further 6 programs in the HH+ Healy, you will have access to over 120 frequency programs covering very specific areas to support you on all levels:
✓ Learning
✓ Fitness
✓ Job
✓ Beauty
✓ Chakras
✓ Protection Programs

Healy Resonance:
This professional grade edition offers access to all the HH+ content, plus the HealAdvisor Analyse app with the Resonance and Aura modules.

With the analysis feature, the Healy can be used by individuals and practitioners to help discover what underlying issues are contributing to their own or their clients symptoms, which supplements or foods may be helpful to help them achieve optimum wellness, alongside offering clients sessions with the Healy.

The Aura module in the resonance package allows analysis of the Chakra system to discover deeper imbalances.

Additional product pages can be purchased after the initial investment, so no matter which package you go for, additional healing modules can easily be added, enabling you to keep exploring and bringing more complex process and bodily systems into resonance!