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IxCacao Heavenly Cacao Drops - from Hispaniola Fermented Beans


Organic Certified Additive and Filler Free Gluten Free Suitable for Vegans Safe for Children


Luxurious, pure cacao liquor/paste. Rich, dark and heart-warmingly fruity. Crafted from the highly prized organic Hispaniola bean. Our heavenly drops are single-origin, made in the traditional manner by fermenting and sun-drying the cacao beans. Carefully fermenting the cacao allows all the subtle flavours to develop and reduces the cacao's natural bitterness. Hispaniola cacao is highly sought after for fine chocolate making 

Full Description

Bite-sized buttons for snacking, melting into hot milk for the best hot chocolate and all your favourite recipes

"Ixcacao" is the goddess of cacao, fertility, abundance and happiness! She was loved as a compassionate goddess who stood watch over the fields and was also known as the Queen of love and pleasure. We couldn't think of a more delightful name for these heavenly cacao drops - naturally high in antioxidants and deliciously nourishing

These special drops are from family-owned farms in the Dominican Republic where the cacao plants are grown under a canopy of native citrus, banana and avocado trees to preserve biodiversity and sustainability

  • 100% pure Cacao - single origin from the Dominican Republic.
    Made exclusively from Organic Hispaniola beans (fermented and sun-dried)

  • Organic
  • Dairy-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Gluten-free 
  • Vegetarian & Vegan
  • Contains no additives - 100% natural

No added fillers or preservatives
Product carefully sourced from the Dominican Republic
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The rich, naturally fruity flavour of these luxurious drops means they can be eaten straight from the bag for a heavenly treat.

Makes the perfect, most authentic Hot Chocolate! Melt approximately 10 drops in milk - works wonderfully in both dairy and nut milks. Add our Organic Rapadura to sweeten. Unadultered goodness - free of all additives for a truly organic and soothing hot chocolate.

Perfect for baking and using in your favourite recipes.