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💎 10% off ALL Shungite Products this Weekend Only!! 💎
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Sourcing purity from high altitudes and remote locations

Our Sourcing Policy

Over the years in our search for the most vital and life giving foods and herbs (a passion which grew into Na’vi Organics), we have tried many different foods, herbs and extracts from all over the world.

We are proud that 99% of our products are sourced directly from either the growers or producers, rather than through 3rd party suppliers. This ensures our stock is always the freshest it can be, and we also know we are paying the producers directly ensuring they are getting what they wish for their produce. Building long-standing relationships with our suppliers is also very important to us - we are delighted at the friendships we have built with some of our producers and the joyfulness of doing business in this way.

We have sought producers who are passionate about their products and many of the products we stock are unique to us in the UK. In 2021 we made our first contact with an organic homa farm in India, You can read more about the inspring method of homa farming here


Additional Information Regarding Chinese Sourcing

Until a few years ago we did not source any products from China due to the difficulty we experienced in finding suppliers with a true commitment to providing a consistent high quality of uncontaminated sources of tonic herbs. We continued searching as knew that when properly adhered to, the precious knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine within China can not be surpassed. They know, through their long history of using and studying their traditional herbs exactly what is required to produce the very best functional herbal remedies. Herbalists are highly regarded in Chinese culture, knowing where / when to harvest and exactly how to process medicinal herbs is a very prestigious art.

We were very fortunate to find a wonderful producer to work with in China. They have a very strict sourcing policy and a passionate in-depth knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After sampling their products and getting to know them, we were satisfied by their dedication to clean sourcing, high quality, and attention to detail during the processing involved. With this new partnership, we began to offer a select range of tonic herbs.

Since making a choice to stock some products that are produced in China, we understandably began to receive emails from customers expressing their concern regarding potential environmental pollutants. In response to this, all our products produced in China have Certificates of Analysis available on request and we have also put together a few words in a PDF document that directly address these concerns.

Please click on the link below to read the full document:

Chinese Sourcing Policy – Na’vi Organics