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Sika Deer Velvet Antler Tips - Dual Extract Powder

Full Spectrum Dual Extract Wild Cultivated Additive and Filler Free Gluten Free Packed in Glass
Full Description ✧

Sika deer are small spotted deer that are native to northeastern Asia. They have been revered for 1000s of years in Asia for the potent quality of their deer antlers.

The Sika deer that provide their antlers for our extract powder run in vast fenced areas in the Chang Bai Mountain region of China. The soft velvet antlers are painlessly removed from the deer when it has grown just two or three spikes and still covered by velvet. At this point, the tips of the antlers are profoundly rich in minerals, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes, growing extremely fast at a rate of approx 2 cm per day.

After a few days, when it has been determined that the animals are all in good health, they are returned their vast grazing areas for the remainder of the year, where most will actually regrow their antlers that same year - which are not removed. After harvesting the velvet deer antler, they are freeze-dried, then sliced into thin wafers, which are then through the process of dual extraction to produce our potent 10:1 extract powder.

Ingredients ✧
  • 10:1 (Dual Extracted) Full Spectrum Extract produced from the Velvet Deer Antlers of Sika Deer Stags (Cervus Nippon)

No added fillers or preservatives
Product carefully sourced from China
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Directions ✧

0.5g (approx ¼ level teaspoon) with warm water, or added to your favourite tea, smoothie or beverage of choice.