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Rezotone - EMF Protection Device

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We have stock of these devices here in the UK, ready to ship. They are the original Rezotone devices directly imported from Russia. The price includes next day Special Delivery for any UK address.

Created in Russia, the Rezotone Key is the most advanced EMF mitigation technology currently available. This technology is based on the emission of low- frequency waves, including Schumann waves, which are known to have beneficial effects on humans and other life. Currently, the Schuman frequency is changing, reaching 100 HZ. Therefore, this technique was good 10 years ago (first harmonic 7.8 Hz). Now it does not work. It’s just a placebo.

The Rezotone is hand-made in Russia and has 5 patents, Scientists technology, Government License and Certificate, it has been used and tested more than 3000 times by the army in radioactive areas.

The effect is not limited to EMF, there is a powerful positive effect on all physiological and geobiological parameters, reducing or removing quite a lot of geopathic zones inside and out. Including Curry and Hartman Grids.

Rezotone technology converts harmful radiation into useful radiation. The radiation itself does not disappear but is converted into another form. Detailed experiments on reducing the magnitude of the signal from a microwave source in the range of 1-20 GHz, on which the structure we created, were shown, showed that the minimum signal decrease was 14 dB and the maximum was 54 dB. When USB turned off from electricity, the radius of action is reduced to the size of a person’s own electromagnetic field, because the structure on the device’s antenna works without a radiator” The operating time is limited only by the operating time of the electrical parts and the physical state of the structure that we install on the antenna of the generator. The prototypes are still working after 9 years.”

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