About Us

Our off-grid, water and sun powered eco office & packing rooms

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Na’vi Organics is a refreshing, health-generating and sustainable brand dedicated to offering the highest quality superfoods. Sourced from the most pristine areas of the planet, our entire range is either Organic or wildcrafted.

We’ve grown into a specialist on-line store, providing a hand-picked selection of the most advanced, inspiring and healing products from around the world.

We offer organic superfoods, supplements, sound medicine and well-being products. All tried and enjoyed by everyone here. We only sell what we experience to be exceptionally high-vibrational foods and products which clear, support and nurture our energy fields so there is space to be.

Our superfood powders are all raw and have an outstandingly high nutritional value due to the unique dehydration process our supplier uses. We import most of the foods ourselves to ensure we always work with producers who have ethical working practices and who honour the indigenous people and organic farmers growing the raw materials.

We see our personal journeys back to health as an important part of our planets healing and an integral way in which we care for one another. Na’vi Organics was established to help support this process and we are delighted to offer the gems we have personally discovered. Everything you will find here can be easily incorporated into your daily diet and life – for cleansing, detoxing and providing your body with nutrient packed and delicious foods for increased energy, spiritual growth, healing, and a beautiful glow.

We’re constantly refining how we work to offer a service which benefits everyone we are involved with and which respects our amazing, and somewhat struggling, planet. Currently we are working on a bio-degradable pack for the superfoods and are moving to an off-grid, fully self-sufficent eco office!

We trust the products we offer will help you and your family live radiantly. Please let us know how you get on.