Gemstones Rewards Program

When you sign up for an account with us, you will collect Na'vi Gemstones through various ways including social media interactions, referring friends and with every purchase you make on our website. 

As you collect more gemstones, the number of gemstones you collect per £1 spent also increases.

To join the program, simply follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Create an account HERE

STEP 2: Once your account is created, you can collect gemstones by following and sharing on social media, referring friends and by purchasing via our website.

STEP 3: As you continue to collect gemstones you will unlock higher grade tiers for even more Na'vi perks. (See the chart below for the gemstones required to unlock the higher tiers)

STEP 4: Redeem £ 's against your gemstone balance that can be used for Na'vi website purchases.

​IMPORTANT: Please note that we cannot add gemstones to your account retrospectively, after placing an order. Therefore it is a requirement that an account is created before placing an order if you wish to collect the gemstones generated from the order.​


Gemstones Tier Chart

* One time claim per each action/channel
** One time use only 


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