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Unfiltered Apple Vinegar - Organic and Biodynamic Certified - 250ml


Organic Certified Additive and Filler Free Gluten Free Suitable for Vegans Packed in Glass

This unfiltered apple vinegar is produced for Na'vi by the Guerzoni family on their organic and biodynamic certified farm in small, quality batches. They produce the only biodynamic-certified balsamic vinegar available in the world.

Italian apples from Trentino are combined with the rich tradition of Acetaia Guerzoni to create this delicious unfiltered apple vinegar, preserving the properties of the apples through natural, unpasteurized production methods.

With the careful selection of raw materials and gentle, natural processing, this unfiltered apple vinegar captures the full scent and organoleptic qualities of the fruit. Its 5% acidity creates a harmonious and enjoyable taste.

With no pasteurization, this vinegar retains the full flavour and properties of the apples, while its 5% acidity creates a balanced and enjoyable experience. Enjoy the freshness and aroma of Guerzoni apple vinegar, a versatile ingredient in the kitchen.