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Organic Miso Damari - The Original Tamari - 200ml

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Organic Certified Gluten Free Suitable for Vegans Packed in Glass Safe for Children


Full Description ✧

Miso Damari - The original and ancient form of tamari

For over 1,000 years, Miso Masters reserved for the Japanese nobility the liquid essence of their miso. This was the original Tamari, a rich, full-flavoured sauce for sushi, marinades, stir-fries, fine meats and vegetarian cooking

Miso-Damari, as it's correctly named, is the original liquid essence from Miso. Tamari is a modern-day interpretation of this once highly prized seasoning.

Damari is produced exclusively from the precious liquid drawn from the Miso as it ages and ferments. It is naturally gluten-free. No wheat or grain is used in the production of our miso which produces this special Damari

Miso is the ultimate living food, crafted through ancient knowledge and extraordinary skill. Our Damari is a gift from the Miso as it ages and breathes. Thick and full-flavoured, we are honoured to work with miso Masters who still produce an authentic Damari

With its ultimate “umami” flavour, our miso Damari lends a deep and rich taste to Asian-inspired dishes. It is ideal for sushi, sashimi, stir-fries, tempura, tofu, vegetables, pasta and rice. A few drops go a long way!

Ingredients ✧

Organic Soybeans, Organic Rice, Sea Salt, Aspergillus Oryzae, Natural Spring Water

      • Organic 
      • Gluten-Free
      • Vegan
      • No added fillers or preservatives
      • Produced in USA

Our authentic Damari is much more than just a gluten-free soy sauce due to the unique way it's crafted. It is richer, darker, thicker and more mellow than even the best-quality Tamari

Made with carefully sourced, certified organic, non-GM ingredients
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Directions ✧

Use as any traditional soy sauce/tamari, add to dishes to enhance full flavours