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Raw Living Unheated Unprocessed Honey

Wild Cultivated Honouring of Bee’s and Natural Beekeeping Methods Additive and Filler Free Gluten Free Safe for Children
Full Description ✧

Try our Award-Winning Honey for the ultimate natural sweetener and anti-oxidant powerhouse. It makes everything taste, well... simply more gorgeous! Alive with an abundance of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Our honey comes straight from hives kept specially for us in the mountains of Bulgaria. Healthy bees forage amidst abundant wildflowers to produce our rich, caramel-tasting raw honey.

Only lightly filtered, our honey is pure, unprocessed and unpasteurised. This means it retains the maximum level of natural antioxidants and healthy compounds for all the immune-boosting, digestive and skin-healing properties that honey offers. Our honey naturally crystallizes (a sign of purity).

Honey is a highly-regarded functional food. It's one of the original superfoods. It tastes amazing and is beneficial for the body in a mirad of ways.

All raw, untreated honey crystallizes over time (some faster than others, depending on the nectar the bees have gathered), and is honey's way of preserving itself. It is a natural process that will not happen in processed (runny) honey. 

Recovery and athletic performance: Honey is a great pre-workout energy source, aiding endurance and will also speed recovery after strenuous activity, be that after pushing yourself physically, giving birth or needing a sweet pick-me-up after an emotionally tough time

Skincare & beauty treatments: Honey gentle moisturises the skin as a natural humectant. Honey is wonderful to use in organic facial masks to increase microcirculation, help clarify skin, reduce redness and soothe inflammation. Honey's natural antioxidant reserves promote skin elasticity for a brighter complexion and it can be used raw on wounds and burns to support healing

Better sleep: A little honey before bed is known to help induce a good night's sleep by helping the body release melatonin. It also provides a variable source of nutrition for the brain by stabilising blood sugar levels to ensure the body has the resources needed to rebuild and restore itself properly

Prebiotic Properties: Honey has immune-boosting properties and is a natural prebiotic

Children under 3: Children under 3 should not eat honey because of concerns over botulism


Please note that since Brexit some orders containing ghee and honey are being refused entry into the EU by customs. EU customers ordering these products do so, as per our delivery terms here:


Ingredients ✧

100% pure, single-origin honey.  Our honey is only coarsely filtered to preserve the tiny gems of valuable pollen and propolis along with the honey's full stores of natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants. It's then jarred without any heat treatment or pasteurisation.

The honey is collected by bees foraging wild fauna, flowers and herbs in the remote wilderness of one of Bulgaria's nature reserves. 

The bees are not treated with chemicals or fed syrup pre-winter.

No added fillers or preservatives
Product carefully sourced from Bulgaria
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Directions ✧

Use as any other honey