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Saba - Cooked Grape Must - Organic and Biodynamic Certified - 250ml


Saba, also known as vino cotto, is skillfully crafted by the Guerzoni family using a traditional technique that involves cooking grape must over a fire for at least three days.

Saba has a long history, with its origins traced back to the Romans. The Latin name for saba, "sapa," was frequently used in recipes by Apicius, a famous cook during that era.

This product's preparation has been passed down to us through the ages, and it has become a staple in the cookbooks of all Italian regions. Its taste is naturally sweet and flavorful, making it a frequent addition to modern cuisine recipes.

Enhance your desserts, ice cream, yoghurt, and semifreddo with this perfect sweetening agent. It can also be used as a delicious sauce for cooked vegetables and cheese.