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💎 10% off ALL Shungite Products this Weekend Only!! 💎
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Our Off-Grid Home and Office on Loch Shiel

Our Story

Na’vi Organics is a refreshing, health-generating and sustainable brand dedicated to offering the highest quality superfoods. Sourced from the most pristine areas of the planet, our entire range is either organic or wildcrafted.

We’ve grown into a specialist on-line store, providing a hand-picked selection of the most advanced, inspiring and healing products from around the world.

We offer organic superfoods, supplements, sound medicine and well-being products. All tried and enjoyed by everyone here. We only offer what we consider to be exceptional products which support and nurture the mind, body and soul.

Our superfood powders are all raw and have an outstandingly high nutritional value. We work directly with producers to ensure ethical working practices and the honouring of the indigenous peoples and organic farmers growing the raw materials.

We see our personal journeys back to health as an important part of our planets healing and an integral way in which we care for one another. Na’vi Organics has been established to help support this process and we are delighted to offer the gems we have personally discovered. Everything you will find here can be easily incorporated into your daily diet and life – for cleansing, detoxing and providing your body with nutrient packed and delicious foods for increased energy, spiritual growth, healing, and a beautiful glow.

We’re constantly refining how we work to offer a service which benefits everyone we are involved with and which respects our amazing, and somewhat struggling, planet. We pack our products in bio-degradable pouches or glass jars, and our offices are off-grid, powered by renewable energy and fully self-sufficient!

We trust the products we offer will inspire you and your family to live radiantly.

★★★  Impeccably Sourced ★★★

What we look for when sourcing


From the Wilderness
Mushrooms & herbs grow best in their native lands, far from the madding crowd. Preparing extracts according to ancient wisdom, with state-of-the-art technology ties us simultaneously to the past & future for extraordinary results

Heirloom Varieties

Old & Original
Seeds & grains from ancient varieties contain so much more than just simple vitamins & minerals. These un-modified and wholesome varieties produce fruits and foods bursting with flavour and life

HOMA Farming

Transformative Farming
Surpassing Organic & Biodynamic, a HOMA farm uses specially prepared fires and preparations to counteract harmful radiation & pollution. HOMA farms grow incredible food & it takes immense dedication to create such a healthy environment


Setting a higher standard
Not all Organic products are created equal! It's a mark, not the only benchmark. Organic is a good starting point, and from there we ask, what makes this producer special? Have they taken all the care possible to prepare, plant & harvest

Meet Jemma

"I never intended to work with food - Na'vi was one of those happy accidental happenings. Discovering exceptional growers far and wide has been the challenge and blessing of growing Na'vi. The awareness and attention to detail they pour into their products are the secret ingredients we seek out

These close relationships and the intimate knowledge we share are the differences you'll discover with us. Everything we offer is the same good stuff you'll find in our kitchen cupboards. Our wish is to leave things better than we found them, revitalising ourselves and the land which sustains us all through a shared appreciation for delicious, healthy food"
~ Jemma, Co-Founder

For a glimpse behind the scenes and to see the values and inspiration behind Na'vi, you're invited into our home and family life!


We look forward to meeting you and together discovering the ways we can all help create a beautiful future & look after the land which nourishes us