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Abeytu' Naturals Hand, Foot, and Nail Restore Cream - 45g


Use this Patent Pending Topical Cream to apply to nails and cuticles, or topically to hands and feet. Our formula will support your skin with micronutrients and help rejuvenate unhealthy nails topically. Purely natural solution and general wellness support for skin and nails. Our customers also love this for sore swollen feet.

Abeytu´ Naturals Hand Foot and Nail Restore Cream may bring skin, nails, and cuticles back to health; and assist with oxidative damage. This product is an excellent choice for the elderly, those suffering from compromised circulatory issues that lead to thickened skin and nails, and those who want to help prevent nail and foot problems. The Isolates are truly gratifying for those who want an alternative to manufactured drugs which typically come with side effects. As our largest organ and the first line of defence, the Integumentary System deserves its own individual consideration. We are happy to provide this safe effective solution to support it.

Use topically as needed for dry cracked hands and feet. Use at least twice daily on brittle, soft, or damaged nails. Apply directly on the nail surface and rub into the cuticle and nail. Use as frequently desired.