Organic 'Shahtoot' Black Mulberries

Product Description


Known as the “King's" or "Superior" mulberry. Our black ‘Shahtoot’ mulberries are exquisite! Soft, sticky and satisfyingly fruity.

They are from the rarer ‘Morus nigra’ species of mulberry tree. Fruit from the Morus nigra trees display greater antioxidant activities compared to those from other species of Morus. Most mulberry fruits (even black mulberries) are from Morus alba trees.

Perfect for healthy snacking and sharing. These delicious, very special mulberries are different from the common, white and black, mulberry varieties.

Mulberries have long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an anti-aging and yin tonic to nourish the blood and our kidneys. Also used to used to support the liver, the eyes, regulate blood pressure and our cardiovascular system.

Handpicked and sun-dried, the rich, full flavour of our special Shahtoot mulberries means these are both absolutely delicious and nourishing! Bursting with bioavailable minerals and vitamins, they are used as an anti-aging remedy and recommended for people suffering from fatigue and anaemia.

According to a study published in the “Journal of Medicinal Food,” mulberry is an excellent source of C3G, traditionally used for treating inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. These beautiful deep coloured fruits are rich in phenolic compounds - phenolic acids and flavonols are regarded as major functional food components and are thought to have an anti-oxidant effect on the body.



  • Raw, organic solar-dried black ‘shahtoot’ mulberries

Completely free of any additives, preserving agents, sweeteners, colouring agents


Perfect for snacking and sharing

Amazingly nourishing to snack on and great for adding as a special twist to desserts, granola, smoothies and fruit salads! A small handful at mid-morning seems to be our favourite way to enjoy these wonderful berries. Enjoy ♥


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