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Khavinson Peptide Bioregulators

Khavinson Peptide Bioregulators

We are delighted to introduce a new kind of product to our Na'vi website:

Peptide bioregulators are emerging as promising tools in the field of regenerative medicine, and the products we have are 100% natural, being sourced from animal origin.


 The profound effectiveness of these short chain amino acids was discovered during a secret Russian military research project during the cold war period. Now with over 40 years of application and success, the Khavinson bioregulator products are founded on evidence-based scientific research that shows their effectiveness.

Their research uncovered a remarkable link between short-chain ​amino acids (peptides​) and DNA.

Today, this research is publicly available, revealing that every organ, gland, and tissue employs a uniquely tailored short-chain peptide as a "shortcut" to kickstart protein synthesis. Notably, these peptides have the ability to enter the bloodstream directly through the stomach. Supported by an extensive portfolio of patents and copyrighted presentations, the Russian research team has been able to demonstrate that each concentrated peptide bioregulator they've studied interacts with specific DNA strands, effectively and precisely triggering repair and regenerative mechanisms.

For his outstanding achievements in the work with peptide bioregulators, professor Vladimir Khatskelevich Khavinson was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2010. A year later, in 2011, the European Association of Gerontology, which includes 40 countries, elected Professor V. Khavinson as its president.

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