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An introduction to the Elite Tonic Herbs

An introduction to the Elite Tonic Herbs

Tonic Herbs are an elite group of herbs from the Chinese herbal system. These highly regarded herbs (although not all are plant based) are used to help achieve the highest qualities of living - a long life, happiness, joy, wisdom, physical, mental, sexual vitality, youthfulness, love, compassion and a harmonious relationship with all life. Tonic herbs, because of their general health-promoting actions, are considered a food group in the Chinese diet and taken regularly. They are not taken to help deal with an acute state of disease, for example to fight a cold or balance a fever; these were revered substances taken to help promote our long-term and overall wellness; to help move the body towards a state of perfect balance with itself and the universe.

The tonic herbs were also taken to support specific functions and to support the body on all levels through the times of one’s life which can be stressful, for example: after childbirth, a woman’s monthly cycle and the menopause, as the body ages, adrenal fatigue with the long hours we generally work these days and the spiritual or emotional challenges we encounter along the way.

Many of the tonic herbs are adaptogens. Adaptogenic herbs have a non-specific, endocrine-regulating and immune-supporting effect, helping increase a person’s ability to maintain optimal balance, and so are especially helpful to us in amidst the many demands of modern life. In the same way as the broader category of tonic herbs to which they belong - the adaptogenic herbs are used to promote a positive state of well-being through building a foundation of vitality and an abundant reserve of energy to move us out of the base state of survival into the higher realms of human experience. 

schisandra berries

Tonic herbs are one of the founding pillars of healthy living. As we overcome, or move through challenges or potentially stressful periods with ease and grace, we grow and develop in deeper, broader ways.

There are approximately 50 tonic herbs and all can be easily added to supplement your diet, with no negative side effects when used responsibly. They yield cumulative long term benefits and have been taken for many hundreds of years because of their life-enhancing effects on our physical, mental and emotional wellness. The tonic herbs have served the Daoist and Buddhist masters, helping them achieve superior health and spiritual power - transcending physical challenges and limitations, and supporting states of enhanced awareness and energy.

Inviting the many benefits of these elite tonic herbs into your life can bring about profound changes. Exploring them is a journey of itself. We wish you radiant well-being as you discover the many riches of the tonic herbs.

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