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Abeytu' Naturals Rejuvenation Vitamin C Cream - 45g


2oz jar of our patent-pending Rejuvenation Vitamin C Cream. Use in the evening as a night cream and wake up to skin feeling full, fresh, and smooth. This revolutionary formula works great for men and women who want to feel moisturized. You may use it during the day but note this product contains nearly 10% vitamin C.

Our Rejuvenation Vitamin C Cream may assist with oxidative stress. The combination of Ascorbyl Palmitate and Quercetin provides 3-fold anti-oxidant protection over curcumin while neutralizing free radicals, which may help defend against the ageing of cells. This cream may brighten and transform your skin visibly over time. The Isolate/Niacinamide combination is used in this formula to ensure you wake up feeling moisturized and refreshed.

Use twice daily on a clean DAMP face