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Elite Noble Shungite Natural Stone (140g - 170g)


Shungite is a very special black mineraloid. Each piece here has been hand-picked by us and sourced exclusively from Karelia, Russia. Elite Shungite is 90-98% carbon

Noble or Elite Shungite is the rarest form and the most expensive type of Shungite. Elite Shungite has a beautiful silvery-black appearance. It is an extremely grounding and protective stone

Shungite is known as the "Miracle Stone" with natural antioxidant, immune boosting, pain relieving, and health-supporting properties

Place it next to your bed to create a harmonious field, especially helpful whilst sleeping to support the body's healing & repair. These large pieces have a very powerful presence and can help hold a positive space for the whole family at home

As technology advances, it is crucial to assist the body, especially with the introduction of 5G and its use of millimetre waves. Use the resonant frequencies stored within Shungite to help protect the body, neutralising the harmful radiation and microwave frequencies emitted from the devices we are surrounded by

Please note that Elite Shungite is very delicate - place it with care