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Podium Selection Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Gift Box - Organic and Biodynamic Certified - 3 x 100ml Bottles


Organic Certified Additive and Filler Free Gluten Free Suitable for Vegans Packed in Glass

These delicious IGP certified balsamic vinegars are produced by the Guerzoni family on their organic and biodynamic certified farm. They produce the only biodynamic certified balsamic vinegars available in the world.

This balsamic vinegar is produced from a precise blend of grape must be cooked traditionally over an open fire. It is then left to ferment for several years, being gradually being mixed with wine vinegar and moved through various type of wooden kegs, to add to the complex taste.

A perfect gift, or a great way to taste 3 of the best IGP certified biodynamic balsamic vinegars. Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Ideal for special occasions, with its intense fragrance and full blend of perfectly balanced sweet and sour notes.