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Organic Umai Raisins

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Organic Certified Additive and Filler Free Gluten Free Suitable for Vegans Safe for Children


Our Umai raisins are the sun-dried fruit of an ancient variety of rare seedless grapes which are as delicious as they are beautiful. These floral juicy raisins were once highly sought after along the Silk Road for their jewel-like appearance. Over time, other varieties gained popularity, until a few years ago when a project began to revive this delicious and very beautiful sweet grape

Full Description

The vineyards of Uzbekistan were once famous for their abundance and variety. Marco Polo - the Venetian aristocrat and traveller who journeyed along the Silk Road in the late 1200's wrote about the area now known as Uzbekistan: “Gardens and vineyards surround Samarkand, Bukhara and other famous cities. I have never drunk such wine before." Our special Umai raisins are part of this culturally important heritage and were one of the many treasures once found in the exotic bazaars of lost empires

Umai raisins are seedless and the colour of the deepest pool in a moonlit oasis. Black and glossy like a fine jewel, they taste heavenly. Their natural sweetness is tempered by a tantalising floral opulence. They have a depth of flavour uncharacteristic for such a sweet raisin - a wholesomeness which can only come from intact genetics and a deep-rooted resilience to survive as faster-growing or more fashionable varieties found favour

These grapes are being reintroduced in greater numbers in Uzbekistan now to help preserve the heritage and diversity of ancient seed lines from a bygone age 

  • Organic sun-dried Umai raisins
  • Rare heirloom variety
  • Free of oil, preservatives, additives, sulphites & sulphur 
  • Vegan

Product carefully sourced from Uzbekistan
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Enjoy until your heart is content! These are extraordinary raisins - and will make the best granola or luxury healthy snack. Their large size and natural plumpness make them ideal for baking in special recipes as they give cakes and cookies more body and a rich fruity sweetness