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Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder - HOMA Organic Grown

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Full Description ✧

We finally have our new stock of moringa leaf powder. These moringa leaves are harvested from young moringa trees grown on a HOMA farm in India. The leaves are then dried in the shade before being ground into powder.

The moringa leaf naturally boosts your energy and is a remarkable source of nutrition. This energy promotion does not happen because of sugar, so it lasts longer. Individuals using moringa have reported many other benefits.

Another property of the Moringa leaf is its soothing ability, which can lower stress-related issues and promote good sleep. It can also purify water since it has a detoxifying effect. Also a coagulant agent, Moringa can attach itself to hazardous bacteria and other materials, which is surmised to occur in the body. The happy outcome is more sustained energy without any over-activity, balanced hormone and gland system, controlled blood pressure, and a rested nervous system.

The moringa tree is also known as an “Elixir of long life”, “the Tree of Immortality”, “the Tree of Life”, and “the Never Die Tree”, due to its uncanny ability to survive and even flourish in drought and other inhospitable growth conditions, where any other crop would wither as seedlings.

The tree has earned its nickname by virtue of what it is capable of doing for those in dire need of nutrition, primarily in locations in the Third World where eating regularly is a rare luxury. Within each leaf is a whole storehouse of power, with more protein, Vitamins A and C, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium than just about any other plant available.

Moringa leaf powder can be used as a tea, added to beverages, sprinkled on food or taken in capsules. It can be used in cooking, but high temperatures destroy some of the nutrients.

A teaspoonful or so can be placed directly under the tongue and washed down with water, but care must be taken not to breathe the fine powder.

Moringa leaf powder is loaded with nutrition, easy to store and easy to use. The ways to incorporate Moringa leaf powder into the diet are truly endless.

Ingredients ✧
  • Moringa Oleifera young powdered leaves (HOMA Organically Grown)

No added fillers or preservatives
Product carefully sourced from India
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