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Shungite EMF Protection Disc

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** Our new stock is inbound; however, it hit some customs delays! Half the consignment arrived, and the other half did not. We hope it will arrive next week w/c 22nd April, and we will aim to have the pieces photographed and updated on the website by the following weekend - please use the blue button below to be notified by email once it's available. Thank you **

Our shungite protection discs are 100% natural shungite

Each disc is 50mm in diameter and 3mm thick. They are individually cut from a single piece of pure, raw shungite. They have an adhesive base for easy application. Simply stick the disc to a flat, clean surface like your mobile phone case, tablet, laptop or computer tower. Also beneficial to apply to smart meters or your wifi router to help neutralise the harmful frequencies they emit

Watch the YouTube video we found which demonstrates the effectiveness of pure shungite in relation to the radiation produced by a microwave

Note: these are pure shungite with a high carbon content. (It is not possible to cut or shape elite Shungite because it is too fragile.) These discs are easy to use and convenient - making it simple to have the protective benefits of shungite with you whilst on the go