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Wild Jujube Fruit aka Red Dates

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Organic Certified Additive and Filler Free Gluten Free Suitable for Vegans Safe for Children


Our jujube fruits are a beautiful ruby red colour. They contain a small pit surrounded by a thick, firm flesh. Jujube are sweet with a slight sourness and make a delicious tea

Full Description

Our wild-harvested Jujube fruits are free from any preserving agents, oils or other additives

Jujube fruit are enjoyed throughout Asia to make a nourishing and warming tea. Adding ginger and cinnamon makes a delightful drink - especially if you are feeling in need of a boost. For a simple tea: leave 4-5 jujubes in hot water for 10 minutes. The fruits can also be eaten - and are very pleasant, especially after softening in the hot water

The wild area these particular jujube are from is an area dominated by organically certified farms in rural Uzbekistan. The fruits ripen and are left on the trees to dry out before being harvested. No further processing occurs and they are exactly as nature intended - just gorgeous sun-dried gems from the wild 

Sometimes during storage, because of temperature fluctuations, a white-ish film may appear on the dried fruit. This is a sign that our berries have not been treated and is not an indication of poor quality or spoilage

  • Wild Jujube Halves (tree-dried)
  • Free of oil, preservatives, additives, sulphites & sulphur 
  • Vegan