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Wild Jujube Fruit aka Red Dates

Organic Certified Additive and Filler Free Gluten Free Suitable for Vegans Safe for Children

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Jujubes are reddish brown, oval shaped fruits and are not related to the date. Due to its oval, elongated shape jujubes are also known as red dates. The frutis contain a small pit surrounded by fleshy, firm fruit flesh. with a mildly sweet and sour fruity flavour, and highly aromatic.

Full Description

Our wild harvested Jujube fruits are free from any preserving agents, oils or any other additives.

Used in some Asian countries for making a nourshing and warming tea, these fruits are revered for the benifits they impart. See our directions tab for more info on the jujube, ginger and cinnamon tea recipe

Sometimes during storage and because of temperatures changes in the nature a white or grey film may appear. The jujube has a very fine and natural layer of wax outside which may change its colour and may come off after drying and during storage. This is a sign of best quality and proof that our juniper berries are untreated. This is under no circumstances a sign of minor quality.