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Wild Mountain Apricot Halves

Organic Certified Additive and Filler Free Gluten Free Suitable for Vegans Safe for Children


We first discovered wild apricot halves whilst traveling in the Himalayas 15 years ago! Their unique flavour – best described as an intense apricot tang – was so different from the mild, sweet taste of modern cultivated varieties. When we recently discovered a reliable source, we knew they were to be a new, and special Na’vi product.

Full Description

From wild apricot trees growing in the mountains and gullies of Uzbekistan. The trees have been allowed to produce their fruit outside of systemised breeding programs and modern production timescales – giving us fruits which have grown in tune with the natural cycles. Fruits from naturally healthy and prosperous trees have been imbued with a special something that cannot be re-created in a modern orchard. The trees have adapted to their natural environment and have learnt to thrive – qualities symbiotically passed onto the fruits.

Deliciously chewy, you can taste the wild sunshine in these golden nuggets. Perfect for very healthy snacky and beautiful sharing.

  • Rich, golden orange, very special wild apricot halves
  • Hand-picked and sun-dried. Our wild apricot halves have been carefully sourced and are superior to even the best, organically cultivated, apricots
  • A rare delicacy as the wild apricot tree, very different from its modern cultivars, is in steady decline. These beautiful wild fruits are from trees adapted to their natural environment and have a deep, rich apricot flavour
  • Absolutely free of any additives and fillers, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, flours and other bulking agents, gmo's, dairy and gluten
  • Packed in biodegradable pouches in our organically certified premises. Part of our new, very special, Na’vi range of organic and wild-harvested superfruits
  • Wild Apricot Halves (sun dried)

No preservatives or added oils
Product carefully sourced from Uzbekistan
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Enjoy ♥