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Wild Mountain Apricot Halves

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Organic Certified Additive and Filler Free Gluten Free Suitable for Vegans Safe for Children


We first discovered wild apricots whilst travelling in the Himalayas 15 years ago! Their unique flavour, best described as an intense apricot tang, is so incredibly different from the mild, sweet taste of modern cultivated varieties. These special apricot halves are from wild apricot trees growing in the mountains of Uzbekistan - completely free of all preservatives and sulphur dioxide

Full Description

Our wild apricot halves are from trees grown outside systemised breeding programs and modern production timescales - bearing fruits in tune with the rhythms and cycles of nature. Carefully sourced, these special pickings from the mountain are superior to even the best, organically cultivated apricots. They are imbued with a special something that cannot be re-created in a modern orchard

Deliciously chewy, you can taste the wild sunshine in these golden nuggets. More aromatic and slightly sour compared to modern varieties, they are perfect for healthy snacking, cooking and adding to your homemade favourites

They have a deep rich golden colour and add a very pleasant tang to tagines, curries, homemade granola and sweet treats

  • Wild Apricot Halves (sun-dried)
  • Free of oil, preservatives, additives, sulphites & sulphur 
  • Vegan

Apricots carefully sourced from Uzbekistan
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Enjoy ♥