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The Power of Pine Pollen

The Power of Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is one of nature’s purest superfoods. Na'vi pine pollen is wild-harvested in a very small window of time during spring. We only collect pollen from the Pinus Massoniana Lamb species at elevations above 1000m. It is then made bio-available through a sophisticated non-heated process to break apart the cell wall, producing a superfine, raw nano-powder.

Pine pollen has been used as a tonic and nutritious supplement in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. Records date back 5,000 years classing it is a medicinal herb and today it still holds a prominent place in Eastern Medicine. Pollen is a form of seed: one of nature’s miracle time capsules that holds the essence and a powerstore of nutrients needed to grow a towering tree. It functions as an adaptogenic supplement and contains a potent mix of amino acids, antioxidants and nutrients.

Pine pollen is composed of more than 20 different amino acids, 14 vitamins (including vitamin D3) and 24 elemental minerals (including iron, phosphorus, sulphur, selenium, potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, and copper) alongside 18 natural enzymes & plant hormones. It has a sweet, mild taste and is easy to mix into water or a smoothie for a rejuvenating ‘Jing’ boosting tonic.

Daoists understand the Jing we are born with decreases with age. Pine Pollen is one of a very small group of elite tonic herbs known to restore our Jing. Pine pollen is highly recommended when there is a deep need for rejuvenation and nourishment. If you are burnt out, stressed, or have just gone through a time of great physical exertion (given birth / are nursing) or period of illness and are in need or support, pine pollen is a powerful ally.

Pine pollen has risen to fame in the West largely because of its endocrine balancing properties. It is revered as nature’s source of DHEA - the wonder hormone. This hormone plays a role in over 150 different functions from aiding memory to stabilising moods and is the precursor to vital hormones including testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, amongst many others. Infertility, low libido, erectile dysfunction, low immunity, depression, fatigue, excess body weight & the inability to gain muscle mass are all indicators of low DHEA. Healthy DHEA levels are synergistically linked to our natural states of happiness, contentment, increased sexual drive, immunity and vitality.  

Across the internet, Pine pollen is touted as a major testosterone boosting miracle supplement for men. It is important to recognise that pine pollen is equally important and safe for women. Through its adaptogenic nature, it will assist the body to restore balance hormonally for the individual. This makes it highly beneficial for both men and women to take. A more potent ‘testosterone boost’, is created by producing an alcohol tincture (also incorporating nettle root extract), which provides a powerful supplement for men.  Alcohol-based pine pollen tinctures are not recommended for women or children.

Pine Pollen is known to assist the cardiopulmonary system (heart & lungs), nourish Qi, stimulate liver regeneration, regulate bile secretion and tonify the spleen, which helps to nourish the muscles and increase metabolism. It is even used to prevent bleeding & help wounds to heal through its astringent nature - simply smear it into the wound.

In Japan, pine pollen has been extensively researched for it’s anti-aging effects. Greying hair and hair loss problems have been shown to reverse after 6 months of pine pollen supplementation. The Japanese refer to pine pollen as the ‘source of beauty’ and use it in skincare preparations - even for babies suffering from eczema and nappy rash. 

Experience the many benefits of this special, golden superfine powder externally and internally. Next time stand in awe under a pine tree, remember that all it needed to grow to such great heights was held in a grain of pollen!


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