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Organic Manukka Raisins

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Organic Certified Additive and Filler Free Gluten Free Suitable for Vegans Safe for Children


Try our award-winning and organic large manukka raisins. These are the largest and plumpest raisins we have discovered. Still containing their seeds, manukka's are a rare heirloom raisin from Uzbekistan. Their sweetness is balanced by the crunchiness of the seed - creating a sweet bite to enjoy with breakfast, as a snack or for baking family favourites and slow-cooked one-pot suppers

Full Description

Our organic Manuka raisins are especially large, with a delectable softness and crunchy core. They are very fruity raisins and are very satisfying to graze on. They add just enough sweetness to porridge and oatmeal to curb the need for a spoonful of honey and add essential fibre, vitamins and minerals. In a homemade trail mix, the sweet substance they give makes even the hardest walks a little easier to enjoy

  • Organic sun-dried Manukka raisins
  • Rare heirloom variety
  • Free of oil, preservatives, additives, sulphites & sulphur
  • Vegan

Product carefully sourced from Uzbekistan
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Add to porridge, homemade granola, healthy flapjacks and all your favourite baking treats. Their large size and firm texture make them ideal for adding to slow-cooked dishes such as tagines, casseroles and roast chicken!