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The Supreme Wisdom of Pearl

The Supreme Wisdom of Pearl

The Origins of Pearl Powder

The formation of a pearl is something quite beautiful to ponder when appreciating their quiet gracefulness. Like a wise Zen master, when the oyster’s cocoon is penetrated by an irritant, which subsequently becomes the seed of the iridescent pearl, it responds by embracing the irritant, not rejecting or fighting against it. The mollusc coats the seed in layer upon layer of a potent fluid called ‘nacre’. Concentric layers of crystallized nacre steadily transform the parasite or irritant into a highly sought after brilliant pearl and it's nacre, which contains many of the properties that make Pearl Powder such a prized supplement.

Pearl PowderPearl nacre is an incredibly healing substance for the human body. This precious liquid, secreted slowly and organically by the oyster or freshwater muscle, forms a crystallized calcium carbonate (CaCo3), protein and mineral-rich organic compound. Unlike isolated or synthetic lab created calcium / mineral supplements, pearl nacre is a complex matrix of bio-available proteins, minerals, polysaccharides, amino acids, unique signal proteins & conchiolin.

When ground into a medical grade, superfine levigated powder, pearls become a wonderfully healing and beautifying supplement, easily absorbed by the digestive tract or through the skin. The unique signal proteins in pearls act as messengers for cellular growth and repair, including collagen production. They play a powerful role in the maintenance of youthful skin tone and healthy bone mass. Pearl signal proteins stimulate skin and bone regeneration, promoting vital tissue repair. 

Pearl for Skin Care

Pearl powder can help prevent the development of age-related liver spots (the blemishes we seem to accumulate as we begin to age) by preventing the development of melanin. Throughout history, the wealthiest women have been known to use pearl powder to preserve their youthful clear complexions even as they advanced into their wiser years. 

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In a healthy body, the prooxidants which attack macromolecules leading to cellular / tissue damage are held in balance by our naturally generated antioxidants. When we are no longer able to naturally balance our oxidative stress levels, free radicals begin to circulate and damage healthy cells. The oxidative stress may be mild or severe depending upon our underlying state of health. If continuous, oxidative stress is the main contributor to most of the metabolic and age-related degenerative dis-eases experienced today - including cardiovascular, neurological, kidney & liver diseases alongside diabetes, chronic inflammation and susceptibility to viral infections. Pearl powder has been shown to be a potent antioxidant and a powerful ally, helping to balance the effects of oxidative stress we all commonly live with today in our inherently busy lives. 

Traditionally pearl powder has been used as a shen, heart and liver tonic. It is said to clear toxic heat (inflammation) from the body, balance hormones and help release repressed emotions by tonifying the liver. A happy, healthy heart & calm nervous system are all traditionally revered benefits of regular pearl powder supplementation. 

Pearl for CirculationPearl powder appears to stimulate within us our own ability to self-heal and make beautiful what we may try to conceal or fight against. The human body (the oyster) learns to accepts the toxicity it has allowed into its system and instead of reacting against or denying its current state, the body embraces the present moment. Bright eyes, clear skin, a strong circulatory system, healthy emotions all begin to emanate from a body at peace with itself, slowly transforming and transmuting the stagnancy, and irritations we once crudely harboured. 

As with all things in nature, the healing power of pearl powder is derived from the synergistic relationship of the pearl’s full array of biochemical constituents. This is the real beauty of organic superfood supplements and tonic herbs - they possess an inherent vitality that cannot be matched by isolated or synthetic ingredients.

Pearl for Health
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