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Shungite EMF Protection Petal Pendant

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Our shungite protection petal pendants are 100% natural shungite

Each petal is approximately 55mm tall, 40mm wide and 5mm thick. They are individually cut from a single piece of pure, raw shungite. 

Watch the YouTube video we found, which demonstrates the effectiveness of pure shungite in relation to the radiation produced by a microwave

Shungite is known as the "Miracle Stone" with natural antioxidant, immune boosting, pain relieving, and health-supporting properties

As technology advances, it is crucial to assist the body, especially with the introduction of 5G and its use of millimetre waves. Use the resonant frequencies stored within Shungite to help protect the body and neutralise the harmful radiation and microwave frequencies emitted from the devices we are surrounded by

Note: these are pure shungite with a high carbon content, and not elite shungite (as it is not possible to cut or shape elite Shungite because it is too fragile.) These pendants are comfortable to wear and convenient - making it simple to have the protective benefits of shungite with you whilst on the go